“BRENDA WILL BE AN OUTSTANDING MAYOR. She loves & she cares about our city. For many years she’s been involved in everything that is good for us, the residents. That’s why she was the Citizen of the Year. She is smart, east to talk to, she understands the needs of the people, and she cares.”
-Martha Vinsey

Thank you, Martha.

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Brenda’s Bio

Brenda Gunter was born in Winona, Kansas (Population 300). She attended college at Kansas State University then worked her way up from executive training at Sanger-Harris in Dallas to vice presidencies at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales in New York City, eventually being named the president of the Calvin Klein collection in New York. She married prominent San Angelo businessman, Ken.

Gunter in the 90’s and moved to San Angelo. She owns and operates Miss Hattie’s restaurant and has become known for serving civic organizations for the past 20 years. Gunter has been instrumental in the revitalization of downtown and the creation of the TIRZ program to help local businesses.

She was named San Angelo’s 2009 Citizen of the Year, served as the 2010 United Way Campaign chair and has received awards for the Girl Scout’s Women of Distinction and the Standard-Times’ Jefferson Award.

She is well known for her successful work in downtown revitalization and now wants to put her energy to work helping all small business and citizens in San Angelo.

“Small businesses drive San Angelo’s economy, my focus will be creating a game plan to help them succeed.”